NEDA Week Qualms #2 and #3

Misrepresentation of the Sufferers and Suffering of Eating Disorders The second and third issues I have with the discussion of eating disorders during NEDA Week is its portrayal of eating disorder sufferers as a fairly homogenous group of individuals, and the subsequent conception of the suffering of eating disorders as a "cute" or "quaint" problem. … Continue reading NEDA Week Qualms #2 and #3


Let’s talk about NEDA Week

As a mental health activist and eating disorder survivor, nothing should please me more than an entire week dedicated to public awareness of the most deadly mental illnesses known to man. However, many, if not most, National Eating Disorder Awareness (NEDA) Week efforts, especially "unofficial" efforts, are not representative of most experiences, and their neglect of complete, … Continue reading Let’s talk about NEDA Week