An airing of grievances

I will never be satisfied with the content of a classroom unit about or containing references to eating disorders, because the first bullet point under "Causes" always, without fail, is some iteration of, "media and societal influences." With that thought at the forefront, my eating disorder will always be reduced to just a diet that … Continue reading An airing of grievances


Recovery Sins

I commit at least one recovery sin per day, and usually more than one. More often than not, the question of what I want for dinner fills me with existential dread. Having meals with people I don't know makes me want to bolt for the door and run far, far away. Sometimes, my food anxiety … Continue reading Recovery Sins

Let’s talk about NEDA Week

As a mental health activist and eating disorder survivor, nothing should please me more than an entire week dedicated to public awareness of the most deadly mental illnesses known to man. However, many, if not most, National Eating Disorder Awareness (NEDA) Week efforts, especially "unofficial" efforts, are not representative of most experiences, and their neglect of complete, … Continue reading Let’s talk about NEDA Week


i was twelve when i outgrew my favorite jeans they said i'd outgrow my disappointment but i was thirteen when i outgrew growing not much changed in the year i was fifteen when i slipped back into my favorite jeans but couldn't slip out of my own shadow i could reverse time, make myself grow … Continue reading denim