About the Blog

Professionally mandated disclaimer: all thoughts, feelings, and opinions expressed on this blog are mine, and mine alone. They do not necessarily reflect the views of my employers or academic institutions, past or present, and should not be construed as representative of the views of any entity other than myself. 

Multivariate analysis is the process of looking at and making inferences about data which results from more than one factor. The basic technique is used across fields to draw conclusions which better reflect reality.

Of course, in the Real World™, situations don’t exist in a vacuum; every day, people are analyzing the results of multiple variables constantly, usually without giving a second thought to the intense computational gymnastics their brain is doing for them. Everyone is constantly engaged in analyzing what’s going on around them and making decisions about what to do next.

Practical Multivariate Analysis is a blog about life and its infinitely many variables. It features a lot of thoughts about healing and recovery, the mundane day-to-day, and various reflections on being unapologetically human. It is in equal parts a personal and academic venture, and yet another product of nearly a decade of my rambling on the Internet.

Everything here is a work in progress; nothing is in its final state, and everything is subject to edit or appending.

I would like to dedicate this project to the bugs kept in vials on my kitchen table, to the brains I love to do math about, to the bills that make me cry sometimes, and also to my mother. Love you, Ma.